Tea cups and hula hoops, a love story

It’s been a while since we’ve posted and there are many exciting things to tell you about.. A few snippets.. Our collection has continued to grow to over 200 beautiful tea trios, Oscar is running wild and stealing hearts in dog parks in and around Sydney, and the Knave of Cups is back and has some beautiful topics to word-smith and share with you this year!

Most significantly, we are busy organising a wedding ourselves for the gorgeous Alicia and dashing Haren. Which has got us thinking… We’re lucky to organise lovely china for many Baby Showers, Hens parties and Weddings, and we hear lots of great ideas for making these events unique and memorable. What I’m wanting to do this year is start sharing some of these as inspiration for you!

So here we go.. if you’re anything like Alicia and want a Hens that is colourful and quirky (and, let’s be honest, less focused on male genitalia) how about some hula-hooping to work off those delicious cup cakes. We’ve seen Phoebe Linguini in action and she is incredible not only at performing, but creating a fun atmosphere for your group to learn the basics and start spinning!

For those of you who like the details, Phoebe is a Professional hoop dancer and Australian Sports Commission accredited coach. We’ve spoken to her, and her group packages are interactive, flexible for your needs, set to music of your choice and all hoops and provided!

This is a lot of fun and will guarantee a giggle or three. Great if you’re setting up outside too! More ideas and info to come… Kx

Miss Phoebe Linguini

Miss Phoebe Linguini




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