Too many celebrations!

Like a lot people at the time of year, Cups & Saucers have gone into some sort of time-strapped craze running from one thing to another and resulting in a slight radio silence on our blog front! We do have some exciting news –

1)    Christmas is always exciting and for the first time, the elder Schwester played host. A big crowd with a few extras mostly because (more exciting news….)
2)    The Schwester is engaged! Congratulations to the strapping couple. So excited to get caught up in a wind of organising and celebrating. Also looking forward to the wedding event research which will open up our eyes to the opportunities for Cups and Saucers. Speaking of: One Fine Day in Sydney on Feb 2 & 3 looks amazing! If you go let us know:
3)    We ran our first competition! Happy to eat humble pie and admit it probably wasn’t the most successful but congratulations to the lovely Renee. Some cup cakes and a certificate for use of the china is coming your way!
4)    We’ve been busy buying new pieces for our range – found a lovely Colclough set with a gorgeous deep red colour, and sweet Hammersley set, both soon to be photographed and go online to our range & Op Shop.
5)    The Knave of Cups has been doing her own celebrating and will be back online next week!

We do hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and celebrate the New Year in style. Be in touch soon Kx

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