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Revealing the secrets of the leaves… The Knave of Cups

Signing in as resident tea guru (such the lofty title) – I will be striving to bring all information necessary and fascinating about the beauteous leaf of the camillia sinensis plant (and all its various forms to be taken and enjoyed). This space will bring histories, legends, reviews, suggestions, techniques and more – all to complement and encourage your love of the leaf. Cups and Saucers Vintage China Hire is a true example of the tea revival in our city. We know the coffee culture is strong here. Let’s turn the tables and bring tea into the spotlight. Tea is about taking time away from the hectic pace of life, about gathering with friends, and about the finest of porcelain we can find to honour the calming brew it will happily contain. Choose to nurture your body and mind with this healthy leaf. Choose to get WELL fancy with a proper teacup. Extended pinkies and plates bountiful with petit fours are in our sights. Begin the adventure.

the knave of cups. x

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