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Finding good tea

Do yourself a favour – spend money on good tea. Beautiful fresh leaf that hasn’t been sitting on a supermarket shelf with nought but cardboard between it and the world. Not only do you have a brew that is flavourful and invigorating, but all your purported health benefits will be in much richer quantity. Ditch the bag. Eliminate the taste of bleached paper from your cup. Gain control over strength, quality and dosage of leaf.

Anthony Burgess said it best: “To prefer teabags to real tea is to exhalt the shadow over the substance”.

Real tea will open up a new world of flavours to you – the range of different teas to explore is truly staggering. Don’t let that daunt you, though, there are people to help you find what you are after, even if you may not know from the outset.

Tea people love to talk. It becomes our passion and we are so happy to share our excitement for tea. A tea consultant will more than able to give recommendations and discuss the minute differences between different teas. It is more than ok to say: “I’m not sure what I’m looking for.” Let them ask questions to establish what flavour profiles you enjoy, what is the best tea for whichever time of day you prefer a cuppa. Don’t be afraid to ask questions yourself– just be prepared for a barrage of information in response.

Some tea purveyors to visit and enjoy:

Taka tea – The Strand Arcade, Sydney, NSW
T2 – various locations around Australia
Tomte Tea – Online store, based in Mosman, NSW
Zensation – East Redfern, NSW
Elmstock & Dalhurst Teas – Balmain, NSW
The Tea Centre – various locations around Australia
Storm in a Teacup – Collingwood, VIC
Oriental Teahouse – four locations around Melbourne, VIC
Berry Tea Shop – South Coast, NSW
Harney & Sons – Online Store

The Knave of Cups xx

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