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Tea Sub-whatnow?

Sometimes it can be hard deciding what you’re looking for in a new tea.

The scenario goes like this: You’ve settled on your favourite teas. Your cupboards are abundant with familiar flavours. You’ve been drinking them for ages. You’ve unfortunately become bored. and can’t even look at your regulars.

What do you do now?

Hopping into a shop and getting someone to recommend something for you is a fantastic idea. Often, somebody else’s habitual brews will be the spark to ignite our enthusiasm for the unknown.

Need variety and need it now? Mixed packs could have you on your way to developing a new favourite. They’ll often be chosen around a style of tea, or around a particular theme. P & T out of Berlin have some great triple packs showcasing famous, delicate and always premium grade leaf styles. (Hint, make sure you’re on the English version of the site).

A newer idea gaining prevalence is that of the TEA SUBSCRIPTION. Professionals will carefully curate packs for you and conveniently ship exciting and sometimes rare and singular tea to your home.

Tomte, based in Mosman, do varied lengths of tea subscriptions. When they send the leaf to you, it will be accompanied with a detailed description of where and how the tea is grown, harvested and processed. You sip, hydrate and learn too!

Keep your eyes peeled for a subscription by Teasense – a budding company in the early stages of planning how their subscriptions are going to look. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Steepster Select can sort you out if you’re in the U.S, but also have definite plans to take their subscriptions worldwide. Don’t worry – they have a notification system you can join, so, the moment the subscriptions can be sent to your corner of the globe, they’ll drop you a line. Steepster Select has grown from a user-generated-content tea reviewing platform.

Your homework this week?

Go out and try a tea you’ve never heard of – get someone to recommend something wacky!

Knave of cups x

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