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Local Tea! Local Tea! Kettle Town Sydney!

If you were thinking of expanding your tea collection, who better for us to introduce than Kettle Town! Head to to check out the delicious leaf options, and to celebrate the launch of the official website, Kettle Town is offering free shipping! Cups & Saucers thought what better way to find out more than send in the Knave for an interview and a cuppa with Kettle Town…

How would you describe the core values held by Kettle Town?

Kettle Town is built on the premise of creating unique experiences. We aim to retain an element of surprise and do each thing in an exceptional manner. Our ethos is to create, share and indulge; embracing life experiences. We’ve seen so much generosity in our customers’ support and the people we’ve met along the way and we believe this is definitely one of our core values. We hope to give our customers something to accompany them in their day to day moments.

We want to make tea cool.

Is a stand-out favourite emerging among the Kettle Town customer base?

Currently our Zanzibari Chai is favourite amongst customers. People are returning to purchase this on a fortnightly basis at the markets! The combination of spices and infusion of coconut gives Zanzibari chai multiple layers of spicy flavours with refreshing coconut notes at the end. We recommend all serious Chai lovers to try it… It could be your next indulgent addiction.

Could you recommend a food-pairing option to our readers for a couple of Kettle Town’s blends?

Our favourite dessert and tea combination is Mintilla paired with a panna cotta or cheese cake. The vanilla and peppermint in our Mintilla blend works really well to accentuate the creaminess of the cheese cake. First the rich cream taste of the dessert contrasts with the refreshing peppermint and is finished off with a indulgent after taste of these two flavours inter-mingling.

After stalking the website, I was pleased to learn that herbal options will be entering the range. Is there a particular intention or theme influencing what will be included in this category? (And could you offer any sneaky hints? Or is it super secret and we’ll find out at the release date?)

That’s a good question! We are still working away on these blends to ensure they are different to your typical chamomile tea. Let’s face it. We don’t need another lavender and chamomile blend do we? At Kettle Town we aim to focus on flavour and indulgence rather than the health benefits of the tea. Herbal doesn’t mean boring, it will be just as exciting and creative!

Of the current range, do the Kettle Town founders have a stand-out blend? Or is it a little like choosing a favourite child?

Well, our favourite blends tend to change over time, about a month ago my (Vincent) favourite was Mintilla but currently it’s Zanzibari Chai, whilst Lily enjoys Golden Indulgence and previously loved New Paradise. I assume it’s little like choosing a favourite child only that we keep changing them around so they end up receiving and equal amount of attention. We try to be
good parents, haha!

Do you believe any specific philosophies or flavour profiles are trending in the current Australian tea culture/community?

There is a lot of English influence we’ve noticed in the way the Australian tea community enjoys their cuppa. A lot of traditional English Breakfast or Orange pekoe drinkers.

We are however, seeing an increasing number of people purchasing flavoured teas such as the French Earl grey or the Vanilla black or rooibos teas. We believe this category is still lacking in variety with only a handful of big players offering very similar blends so we aim to extend the palate of tea drinkers by offering unique flavoured teas.

The classic question: If you were stranded on a deserted island, and had one tea with you, from anywhere in the world (with no cost limit or other complications) , which tea would you hope to have? (How you managed to get the tea there with you unscathed, I know not.)

I would hope to have the traditional Zanzibari Chai – It’s also quite filling so I won’t have the problem of searching for food in the deserted island.

And finally…What does the future of tea culture in Australia look like to Kettle Town?

I think the future of the tea culture could very likely emulate that of its close substitute- coffee. We’ve seen coffee grow ten folds in the last century, and in places like the US. Now, tea is closely following that growth pattern. We believe that the experience of tea drinking will evolve over time, away from the traditional English tea houses towards more contemporary tea experiences such as tea in bars, tea being incorporated with creative activities such as art, fashion and literature. It’s a great time to be within this industry and the future has so much to offer that sometimes we don’t know where to begin.

Thanks, Vincent and Lily, for enlightening us about the heart and soul of Kettle Town.

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Find Kettle Town Tea at various stockists [listed on] as well as the pop-up “Salts, Meats, Cheese” store in the MLC Centre in Martin Place, Sydney. Market days are as follows: The Beaches Market: 2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of every month. SMH Growers Market: 1st Saturday of every month. Bondi Markets: 2nd, 3rd and 4th Saturday of every month.

Don’t forget to partake in an order from the website while the celebratory free shipping is on offer!

knave of cups x

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